Love Destroys Ego

by Erk

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Cozy, wise, gray man arises from his bed,
His bedroom blinds part for the waking sun,
Curtains open for the first act of a new day.

His feet flop against the wooden floors toward a bathroom,
he scratches his head, the silent morning is accompanied by a humble yawn.
In the mirror his wrinkles move across his face like tiny snakes.

On his back porch he watches the tired rise of the sun.
As the sun meets his eyes, he begins to vibrate,
He closes his eyes and disappears.

I become awake in my bed, the sun directly above where I lay,
Like emerging from water, almost out of breath,
I frantically look around, and feel foreign.

So strange a reality I am trapped in…


released August 25, 2016

Created by Erk



all rights reserved


Erk Hull, UK

this is my music yes yes enjoy

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Track Name: Three Day Trip
Three day trip-
I'll be back on Saturday,
To witness the moon and the rays
Displayed before my window pane.

Three day trip-
I'm getting away from the clouds,
To come back and clear up the sky
And clear up all the pouring rain.

Three day trip...

Three day trip-
We don't need any luggage.
Put on your favorite shirt,
Leave all the baggage behind.

Three day trip-
Who knows when we will arrive?
All I can say is the journey
Will take us to sunrise.
Track Name: Dope
Okay, I'm awake,
But I should be fast asleep.
You called me a narc when I tried to go home.

Someday, I'll be sure
That we'll be more classy.
These rundown jobs, they treat us wrong.

And the dope don't make me better,
And the dope don't make me sane,
But we can talk forever,
As the world melts in to rain.

Okay, I'm alright,
Just taking my damn time.
You call me a mess, I say I'm a little abstract.

Let's head down the road,
I got my old flip-flops.
You say they're falling apart,
I say so are you.

And the dope don't make me better,
And the dope don't make me sane,
But we can talk forever,
As the world melts in to rain.

And I'm okay,
Think I need a break,
But I'm having fun.
'Least I had fun,
That's more that I can say than anyone.
Track Name: Hello Jesus
Hello Jesus,
How are you, doll?
It's been so long
Since you last called,
How've you been?
Me- I'm feeling so thin.

I'm melting
On a park bench,
Feet soaked in the grass-
I'm thinking too fast,
You're moving too slow,
You're watching my mind
Go go go...

Jonny, get the bible,
I think this kid is screwed,
So pour me some wine,
Go get your dad
This'll be the best day
You've ever had.

Sundays at the masses,
Fridays at the bar,
It seems so far
From perfectly fine
To eat your flesh,
Drink your blood as wine-
Oh, no no...
Track Name: Pot of Gold
You've got yourself a pot of gold,
But it's making you old,
It's making you old.

Life don't always have to be
So rock 'n roll,
So I'm told, and so I'm told.

My friend,
You know you don't have to swallow
That magic pill, that magic pill.

My friend,
It's making you hollow,
Don't go downhill,
Don't get yourself killed.

Oh, what a joy to be alive,
And conscious of every passing eye,
Every gray cloud that's in the sky,
How does one escape?
How does one escape?

My friend, you're dead and so am I,
Don't ask yourself why, don't ask yourself why.
Somewhere there's a blue sky-
I ask myself why.
Track Name: Love Destroys Ego
Hold me, hold me,
And carry me too,
Past the broken ruins,
And ashy cement,
Towards The New,
There I may find my old friend,
Pulsating White Light-
Waiting patiently for eternity.

Who are these voices that sing to me?
Their echoes reflecting off tall skyscrapers,
Or towering trees,
Only to float towards me,
And they seem to come from the clouds-

How do I reach them?

My inner Self lost
In half-broken smiles-
Rickety, blinking, motel letters,
I leave you for the better.

Life, carry me forward unto my next trip.

A fire sunrise at noon-
As far as I'm concerned, nothing good happens before noon.

Where will I go?

Miles of road ahead of me-
Sun setting to my left
and sky- pink and welcoming

Endless road, I could drive forever.
It stretches forever,
But really the horizon is a backdrop
And behind it, an endless pit
And certain doom.

The world is a beautiful face,
And we're all the beauty marks.
The wrinkles,
The warts-
And sometimes I'd rather die
Than be associated with such an ugly species.

But then there's you-
You make it beautiful again.

And so I stand,
And around me curtains fall,
Each character emerges,
They each bow
To the primitive, thundering applause
Of bright empty eyeballs
And healthy hearts.

And as the house lights are given life,
I see no characters anymore,
Only unmistakable,
Thick, pure,
And radiating Love.

And Love destroys Ego.


I've got little more
Than a foot out the door-
A boot strapped on one foot.

No humble, but driven ambition,
To soothe a mind that keeps wishing-
Quiet now, you'll wake the neighbors!

For a sun on the horizon,
Behind a tide that won't stop risin'-
I stop swimming, but I float anyway.

And I'm as quiet,
As a man on the road-
I just haven't hit the road yet,
Figure out where to go.